6 Secret Tips To Order The Best Food Online In India

No matter how delicious food you cook, you eventually get bored of the same taste every day. That is when online food ordering comes to the rescue. Ordering food online has become a norm today, thanks to food ordering apps and countless restaurants they tie up with. Even a simple google search of “food near me” will present you with countless cafes, restaurants and food joints near your location. You can choose food based on your favourite dish, restaurant and whichever is the closest to your location. 

Though ordering food online isn’t rocket science, some simple tricks can help you savour fresh, delicious food without burning a giant hole in your pockets. Unlike going to a restaurant and sitting down for a traditional meal, online food orders can help you get the best eating experience in the comfort of your home. Without further ado, look at these six secret tips to order the best food online in India. 

1.Put the order in early before you reach home. 

 If you are a working professional, a couple working in an MNC or a bachelor, you probably make your food daily or eat out more often. After a long hectic day at work, coming home and cooking your meal may not sound like a great experience. If you reach home and place the online food order, it will probably take 30 to 45 minutes to receive your food. If you are hungry and don’t want to wait for that long, it’s best to order your food before you reach home. If you are on your way home, look for the nearest restaurants on the app or the ones that offer your favourite biryani. Check the approximate delivery time of your order and the time it will take you to reach home. That way, you will have hot food ready when you arrive home.  

 2.Order healthy food before starving yourself 

 It’s a common misconception that people can’t get healthy food online. The restaurants are aware that more and more people are making conscious choices about their diet. Therefore many restaurants have started healthy food options with low calories foods like salads, and gluten-free bread, especially for calorie-conscious people. Many nearby food cloud kitchens serve delicious healthy food, which is perfect for someone looking for healthy food options.  

 There’s also another aspect to ordering food online. People often order food when they are already starving. But it’s important to understand that you should put your order before starving. When you are super hungry, you are more likely to choose high-calorie food like burgers, pizza and other fried foods, which can disrupt your diet goals, especially when you are already counting your calories. Therefore it’s best to order food online before you are starving. That way, you have enough time and patience to make better food choices and order healthier food aligned with your diet goals.  

 3.Input special food preparation tips for the chef. 

 It’s totally okay to have a particular preference when it comes to certain dishes. Many people like to have their favourite dish in a certain way. Thankfully online ordering apps let you input special preparations tips, instructions and suggestions for the chef so that they can make the fish as you prefer. For example, if you don’t like tomatoes in your club sandwich or pineapple on your pizza(many people hate it!), you put that instruction while confirming your order. You can also ask the restaurant to add more cheese, olives, and jalapenos to your pizza. Isn’t that amazing? Be aware that these additional items can incur more charges as well. 

 4.Leave precise delivery directions. 

 Roads in India can be tricky to understand, especially when there are so many narrow lanes and streets that can easily confuse anyone. If you don’t want your delivery person to arrive late with your food order, make sure you leave precise directions for your delivery. Though the food ordering app lets you provide the address, you can leave additional directions like the closest landmark or a tricky turn that the delivery person might miss. That way, they can quickly locate you, and you will receive your food on time.  

 5.Search restaurants based on your location to get faster delivery 

 When it comes to restaurant chains like KFC or Mcdonald’s; they often have multiple outlets in the city. To find the nearest outlets, you can search for “specific food near me” or input the restaurant name to find your favourite food near by. That way, you can significantly reduce the time required for the delivery. 

 There is one more benefit of ordering food based on your location. You can see the entire list of nearby restaurants if you input your location in the app. You can check their menu offering one by one and use search filters to find the nearest restaurant that serves your desired dish. You can also search with the name of the dish you are looking for, and the app will show the nearest restaurant that serves that dish. So if you are looking for Chicken Dum Biryani, you can input that in the app, and you will get a list of all the nearest restaurants that deliver Chicken Dum Biryani. How cool is that! 

 6.Use promo codes and discount offers. 

 One of the best things about ordering food online is you can enjoy fantastic discount offers and slash your final order amount by several per cent. Most food order companies offer special discounts and promo codes for their customers. You can use these promo codes to get free food items or heavy discounts on your orders. That way, you can enjoy your favorite food with less money than going to a restaurant.  

Online food ordering has revolutionized the way people eat every day. The massive internet penetration has made it possible to sit in the comfort of your home and get your favourite food items delivered right to your doorstep. Whether you are having a weekend party or a family function, ordering food online will save you from the hassle of cooking food every day. Make sure you use these tricks when ordering food next time.  

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