The History of Gambling: From Ancient Times to the Modern Era

History and background

Scholars agree that wagering is in person’s blood and has been from ancient times, whenever early humans started to hunt and build cages on feral creatures. Individuals started to pay special consideration to his money even back then. Then again, if you’re fortunate, the target would be caught and your family won’t go hungry. During the same period, several rites aiming at obtaining chance began to arise.


Dice represented the most frequent form of chance in olden history. “Azzahr” meaning “dice” in Persian, and thus the term “gambling” is derived after this phrase. Archaeologists continue to discover remnants of such an activity in many regions of the globe. The largest dice discovered date back and over 40 thousand years. Researchers too have discovered that dice in various civilizations had distinct forms. These were not just hexagonal, which is what we’re used to seeing, but also tetrahedral, spherical, cylindrical, and other shapes. Moreover, they manufactured from a variety of materials, including animal carcasses, stone, iron, fruit pips, and so on. Dice are also known as “babka” – “astragalus,” which refers to a metatarsal of rams skeleton of a dog or sheep. These dice, on the other hand, weren’t really simply for fun. Tribal shamans utilized them to divine fate and future occurrences, as well as to resolve conflicts and other problems. Old paintings and drawings have depictions of humans tossing bones.


Dice gambling is also described in Greek mythology, the Vedas of ancient India, Arabic texts, and Chinese literature. You may learn about people’s gambling addictions in these works. After all, not just anything may be at stake, but a person’s life or freedom. Germans, for example, who were unable to recover their losses were sold into slavery. It is worth mentioning that both affluent and poor individuals rolled the dice. As a result, gambling became more popular. As a result, a poor person may become wealthy, and a rich person can become impoverished. And it was all down to luck. Almost every gambling game at the time included rolling the dice and calculating the outcomes. He was the one with the better score, and he won. Other combinations started to arise throughout time, and the regulations evolved.

Playing cards

Dealing items came in East Asia a bit later. Bracelets are initially made from wood, bamboo, or ivory and resembled rectangular sheets with illustrations. These were again sketched on paper. It is important to mention that in India, the cards were circular, but in Japan, samples served as cards to illustrate daily circumstances, poetry, and periods. Playing cards were first mentioned in Europe during the fourteenth century. They were introduced in by Arabs. Arab cards were similar to the Tarot in that they featured four categories (Cups, Staffs, Swords, and Pentacles), 56 minor arcana, and 22 major trumps. The quantity of cards as well as the notion of games evolved throughout time. It’s worth mentioning that each character in the deck comes with a model – a historical person.

The first casino in the world

That term “sino” translates to “country house” in Italian. Prince Charles Grimaldi of Monaco had the idea to create a gathering spot for lottery fans. As just a result, the very first casinos debuted in 1863. It is worth noting that the nation’s earliest receiver machine, commonly recognized as the “one-armed bandit,” was introduced in 1895. Charles Fey, an American machinist, is the inventor. Such machineries are now an essential feature of every casino and are quite popular. Around the year 1900, Puritan America took the liberty of establishing Las Vegas in Nevada, where anybody might legally gamble on roulette, cards, or slot machines. It should be noted as Nevada constitutes the sole county in America wherein gambling is legal. Since about, Las Vegas has evolved into the true wagering center of the world, with billions of dollars changing hands daily.


The prototype of poker appeared about five centuries ago. It was simple: players were dealt three cards each, and the lucky one who had the highest combination won the pot. Two hundred years later, the Americans got hold of this popular European pastime. Poker grew in versions, and reached the peak of popularity by World War II. Now the discipline remains a hit.


Baccarat appeared around the end of the 13th century. Entertainment with similar rules were popular in Europe, China, North America. The game became especially popular in the mid-1950s, and acquired a cult status thanks to the James Bond movies: it’s Agent 007’s favorite pastime.

Pokies history

Pokies have come a long and impressive way: from bulky boxes with levers (hence the name “one-armed bandit”) to the powerful video games that can compete with the creations of EA and other giants. Appeared in the 19th century, they went through a raging popularity, prohibition, illegal status, and now legally rest in a niche of quite a solid entertainment. Spinning the drums prefer and gentlemen in suits, and housewives and managers – a truly popular love.

A spiral of development on the Internet

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